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Our Leadership

Amaka Consulting, Inc. is led intercontinentally by our managing partner; our elected board of directors; a regional leadership team known as the Impact Team; and the leaders of our offices and practices.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors functions as our firm’s regional board of directors, setting the strategic direction and policies of the firm. It includes the managing partner, plus 6 senior partners who are elected by their peers to serve three-year terms.

Office Leadership

Our offices in more than 8 countries are led by a group of senior partners across three regions: the United States, Europe, and Africa. Working closely with Amaka location managers in more than 75 cities, these leaders ensure the best of our global firm reaches our local clients and communities.

Impact Team

Our Impact Team is a regional leadership body that accelerates the delivery of our client service and people mission. The team connects leaders of regions and key capabilities to support our firm’s performance and health.

Practice Leadership

Our practices serve clients across most capabilities and industries. The global leaders of each are responsible for delivering client impact, developing knowledge and capabilities, innovating, and developing our people. They work closely with regional leaders to deliver positive, enduring change to our clients and stakeholders.

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