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Community Research & Action Planning

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  • 1 hour
  • Market Street Office

Service Description

With an applied community work oriented towards social justice, AMAKA leverages expertise in community psychology, community consultation /assessment, social program evaluation, organizational change, health or mental health policy, prevention, urban change, community organizing, and social policy development, and gender mainstreaming to help our clients reach their goals. ____ 1. Community Development Investment: a. Program and Service Needs Assessment b. Funding and Foundation Alignment Research & Analysis c. Identification of Prospective Funding Sources 2. Service Branding, and Community/Stakeholder Participation and Promotion a. Policy Research & Analysis b. Inter-organizational Collaboration c. Community Outreach & Education 3. Public-Private Partnerships a. PPP Promotion Policy/Framework b. Private Participation in Community Development c. Design of Project Development Facilities (PDFs) d. Competitiveness

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  • 1515 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA