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Show the world what you’re really made of

BetaCarve by Amaka Reputation Management (ARM) lets you put your best foot forward online



Colleagues Working in Office

Do your accomplishments
show up online?

The Internet is the first place people turn for information. When they go looking for you,
BetaCarve helps your accomplishments appear front and center.

Professional web presence

Create a consistent, professional presence that is easy to find and built

Personal brand monitoring

Stay apprised of new mentions of your name that appear across the Internet.

media optimization

Set yourself up for professional success and better data privacy on social media.

A good first impression is essential
in today’s business world



Personal Branding (This Page)

Whether you’re looking for your next job or your next client, you need to look your best online.

A great online reputation starts with great search results

What shows up on the first page of the search results can make or break your business, your career, or your personal life

Online Monitoring

BetaCarve: a comprehensiveprofessional presence across the entire Internet

Website creation

Professional website creation
Your personalized home on the web

Your own personal website (e.g., is blazingly fast and built according to best practices for maximum visibility on Google.

Populated with two professional biographies and a personal mission statement crafted by our expert writers.

Photos and videos of your choice are included throughout the website.

Built-in blogging functionality allows you to share your thoughts with the world.

Web presence enhancement

Be found by all the right people in all of the right places

Professional business profiles are created for you on prominent profile sites.

Optimization of your online resume on LinkedIn and other resume sites.

Creation of career milestones showcases highlighting your accomplishments.

Prototype Designer

Social media auditing and optimization

Leverage the power of social media to share your story

Creation of new social media profiles, or optimization of your existing profiles according to best practices.

Personalized social media privacy recommendations based on an assessment of your current social presence.

Optional automated social posts on topics relevant to your field of expertise.

Personal brand monitoring

Keep track of what people are saying online

Cloud-based dashboard to track your online presence in the search results.

Deep-dive web search to find virtually all mentions of you on the public Internet, no matter where they appear online.

Email alerts for new web content that is connected to your name.

Person Looking at Laptop

Pricing and Deliverables

Here’s what you can expect from a BetaCarve engagement.

One-time cost $1,995


  • Your own domain name (e.g.

  • Two professional biographies are written by our team

  • Personalized mission statement

  • Photos and videos of your choice

  • Search engine optimized to maximize visibility in Google

  • Personalized layout and design


  • Professional business profiles

  • Online acumen optimization

  • Career milestones showcase


  • Social media privacy recommendations

  • Automated industry-specific social posts (optional)

  • Public profile optimization for top social sites



  • Cloud-based dashboard to track your online presence

  • Search results tracking to view how others see you online

  • Deep-dive web search to find virtually all mentions of you

  • Email alerts for new content that appears online about you

  • Score your search results in real-time

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