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Monitoring & Evaluation

See the bigger pictures as well as the building-block details of your investments, services, and programs

Amaka Consulting helps organizations see the bigger pictures as well as the building-block details of their investments, services, and programs through formative evaluation to ensure that a program or program activity is feasible; through process/ implementation evaluation to determine whether program activities have been implemented as intended;  outcome/effectiveness evaluation to measure program effects in the target population; as well as through impact evaluation to assess program effectiveness in achieving its ultimate goals.

Monitoring and Evaluating is one thing and applying lesson learned to assure quality, performance, and outcome improvement is another. This is where Amaka Consulting helps community development organizations to obtain, strengthen, and maintain the capabilities to develop, implement, and achieve their institutional development objectives directed at growing knowledge, skills and experience of their assets including human resources, and improving outcome, process, and impacts.

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