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Expert Guidance

All public institutions have politics that impact their structure and culture as well as the overall policy-making mandate. Amaka guides through problem identification, policy development regarding those identified problems as well as the analysis and explanation of government and non-government responses to public problems. 

Our services provide advice on how institutions, organizations, and the public interact with various governance structures to develop the policies that they do. We are concerned with the evaluation and impact of these policies on citizens, governing institutions, and organized interests, as well as with the activities, and behavior of administrative agencies and officials in the conduct of government.



1. ​Government Management Services - Economic and Public Policy Research & Analysis
a. Private Sector & Community Participation Options
b. De-monopolization, Restructuring, and Regulation
c. Sector Assessment and Benchmark Analysis

2. Public Enterprise Revitalization
a. Strategy for Private Sector Involvement (e.g. contract management)
b. Diagnostic Study - Feasibility / Viability Analysis
c. Identification and Screening of Potential Stakeholders
d. Implementation/Sustainability Support

3. Aligning Government with international benchmarks
a. Government-wide Diagnostic Review
b. E-Government Strategy
c. Organizational Development
d. Institutional Restructuring
e. Performance Improvement
f.  Action Plan / Implementation