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Amaka Consulting's Political Research and Strategy services are about helping aspirants build their political campaigns with an emphasis on branding platforms, competitive research, advocacy, and strategic mobilization plan development and implementation.

Given Amaka's emphasis on community development, we emphasize  development approaches to politics, precisely because these approaches  focus on movement through time illuminating the logic and experience of the polity in a manner that cannot be captured by more conventional political science methods.

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Our Political Development & Strategy (PDS) advisory service currently provides the following: 


1. Campaign Planning & Strategy

2. Digital political campaigns

3. Social tactics for success, for new & veteran candidates

4. Developing A Social Media Plan

5. Social listening:

      ➡️Competitive research

      ➡️Video content

      ➡️Audience feedback

      ➡️Mobilization & advocacy

6. Lobbying, Capacity & Coalition building (limited to Liberia ONLY)

Our work with political aspirants or civil service organizations in Liberia help brings an appreciation for the historical institutionalism and development of politics in Liberia as a prerequisite to making meaningful impacts on the body polity of the country.