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Search results, digital privacy, online reviews and more.



Control your search results

Are problematic search results appearing for your name or your business name? We can help change that.



Search Results (This Page)

Push down the bad
Suppress incorrect, embarrassing, malicious, or outdated search results so that people don’t find them.

Push up the good
Promote high-quality, positive search results that reflect well on you.

Build resilience for tomorrow
Strengthen your search results so that they canwithstand future threats.

Create a positive first impression
Control what people find when they search for youor your business online.

Modern Love

Control what shows up in your search results

What impression do yoursearch results make?

Rise above the fray

Create a strong, durable online reputation that resists attacks, negative portrayals, and misleading information.

Promote the positive

Make sure people find quality, truthful information about your or your business at the top of your search results.

Bury the negative

Push negative content or misleading search results down to pages where virtually nobody will ever see them.

A great online reputation startswith great search results

What shows up in the first page of the search results canmake or break your business, your career, or your personal life

Online Monitoring

How we put you in control

The process of changing what appears in your search results, explained

1. Situation analysis

Our reputation experts use proprietary methods backed up by over a decade of research to analyze the search results for you or your business and come up with the most efficient, effective plan of action.

2. Content creation

We create high-quality, professional content based on your specifications and our analysis, customized to rank in you or your business’s search results.

3. Content review

You review and approve all content and media prior to publication, using our intuitive client dashboard.

4. Strategic publication

We publish your content to a wide range of sites according to a customized schedule designed to maximize impact.

5. Asset optimization

We structure the link profiles and metadata of your sites to push up the search results you like. We can promote pre-existing sites or the new content we create—it’s your choice.


6. Search engine signaling

Your new content begins to appear in Google and Bing searches. As people interact with it, search engines realize that the items you want to promote are more relevant than what was ranking before.

7. Search results reordering

Over the course of a few months, the search results for you or your business get recalibrated, with positive items drifting up and negative items drifting down.

8. Reputation reinforcement

Once your objectives have been achieved, we continue low-level content creation and site optimization to reinforce positive trends and strengthen your reputation against any future threats.

Amaka Reputation Management (ARM)
Engagement options and pricing

A reputation management specialist will review your situation with you over the phone and make a recommendation based on your goals and objectives

ARM        $3,500


Removal/Suppression or Personalized Websites          5
Unique Direct Websites         1
Professional Content              9
Cost                              $3,500

ARM        $6,000


Removal/Suppression or Personalized Websites            8

Unique Direct Websites          1

Professional Content             14

Cost                                $6,000

ARM        $7,500


Removal/Suppression or Personalized Websites           12

Unique Direct Websites          2

Professional Content             20

Cost                                $7,500

ARM      $10,500


Removal/Suppression or Personalized Websites           15

Unique Direct Websites          2

Professional Content             35

Cost                               $10,500

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