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Small Business

helping you turn and start your idea into a thriving business

Get technical and operational guidance with planning, operating, and management of your business. We help small businesses and organizations improve their performance and efficiency by analyzing business activities and creating solutions while also helping you meet your goals.

Small Business Consulting: Features
Small Business Consulting: Text

Business Name & Domain: find a unique name and register with your state. Domains are often inexpensive, so buy as many as you need to ensure that potential customers find you online.

Business structure: Decide what kind of structure is best for your business, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), or corporation. This is an important step as it can impact taxes, personal liability, your ability to get funding, and more.

Business Location: choose where your business will be located as well as the style of operation — an outlet office or a home office. In addition to your online presence,  think about issues like foot traffic, parking, ordinances, utilities, crime, convenience, and nearby competition.

Formalize Your Business:

  • Register your business

  • Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

  • Get federal and state tax IDs

  • Apply for a business license and permits

  • Open a business bank account

  • Purchase insurance policies

Our Small Business Guide

If you consult with Amaka, we will help you:


1, Plan Your Business

2. Launch Your Business

3. Guide You through  Best Practice Business Management

4. Grow Your Business

We also help you through Business Corporation Tax Forms: Forms are different based on types and other classifications of the business. See the IRS list of forms and see which categories your business falls into or give us a call at 347.443.9636 for advisory services.


Call 347-443-9636 to get started

Decide On The Type Of Business

Is It Feasible?
What Are Your Interests?
Do You Have The Experience?
Are You An Expert In The Field?
Case Study

Create A Business Plan

What Should Be Included In The Business Plan?
Gather Documentation
Develop Business Plan Outline
Draft Business Plan
Case Study

Training Employees

Teach Company Culture
Implement Actual Training For The Position
Provide Feedback
Offer Additional Training, If Necessary
Case Study

Grow The Business

Offer More Products / Services
Open Another Location
Franchise Opportunities
Scoring Large Contracts
Case Study

What Is The Market/Competition Like?

Is The Venture Lucrative?
Is There Competition?
How Can You Set Yourself Apart From The Competition?
How Is The Customer Prospect?
Case Study

Get Financing

Contact Organizations For Guidance
Decide The Type Of Financing
Shop Around
What To Do Once Approved
Case Study

Market The Busines

Traditional Marketing
Create A Website
Social Media
Networking Groups
Case Study

Basics Of Starting A Business

Decide On A Name
Legal Structure Of Business
Register The Business
Choose A Location
Hire An Accountant
Case Study

Hire Employees

Develop Job Description(S)
Advertise Positions
Interview Candidates
Select Candidates
Case Study

Run The Business

Sell! Sell! Sell!
How To Manage Cash Flow
Case Study

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