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Policy Research

Domestic Violence Policy Research

Effective policy change or program development efforts are grounded in data and research. Data is needed to identify and demonstrate problems or issues. Amaka Consulting provides research and analysis services to community development organizations to help in identifying policy options, assessing existing policy proposals, and selecting the policy approach that is most likely to succeed in their operating environments.

Policy Research: Projects

Project Title: DV Policy Research & Analysis


Policy Research and Analysis To Inform Decision-making regarding Program & Service Offering; and to navigate the political, cultural, and economic issues and challenges in Liberia.


Mission creep affected almost all of The Haven's major projects. The Haven was expanding its mission, somewhat unknowingly, beyond the original goals that were set while at the same facing challenges with the Ministry of Gender and other government agencies regarding its work.


Utilizing the Urban Institute approach to policy analysis and research, Amaka Consulting developed tools that encouraged senior administrator and board members to:

  • Set up an inter-agency committee that would consistently evaluate the impact of programs and disseminated lessons learned across all departments.

Amaka Consulting's approach toward program development and policy and procedure surrounding it:

  • Define the issues before considering it within the agency's scope.

  • Identify objectives of considering the issues.

  • Select criteria such as goals, values, political and cultural acceptability.

  • Specify the clients who would benefit/not benefit from addressing/not addressing that issue.

  • Calculate the cost of each alternative.

  • Assess the effectiveness of each alternative.

  • Utilize the findings to inform decisions about whether or not to undertake the entire issue, part of it, or none of it.

On the broader issues of influencing policy and program decision outside of the agency,  Amaka Consulting helped the client cultivate new alliance and resources that strengthen:

  • Legislative, policy and budgetary advocacy

  • Program evaluation and design implementation of cutting-edge interventions in the field of victim services.

Department heads were trained to:

  • Communicate often and effectively across the organization at all times.

  • Strategically follow the process developed by Amaka Consulting for organizational decision-making.

  • Make sure everyone understands the prevailing organizational mission, values, goals, and vision.

  • Incorporate clear strategic focus in new job task formation and assignment.

  • Consider stakeholders in any organizational decision that could affect the mission


Christina Synue

Executive Director

The Haven Project Inc.

Mask Building 2nd Floor

New Georgia Junction, Somalia Dr 

+231.77-86-HAVEN (42836)

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