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Jennifer Caar

Senior Partner, Nairobi, Kenya

As the leader of Amaka Consulting's Digital frontier, Jennifer serves consumer-facing companies on digitally enabled strategy, marketing, operational, and organizational initiatives that will enable the transformation of their businesses

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Taking Note


Jennifer is the lead consultant of Amaka Consulting's Digital Frontier, working with clients to deploy the power of data, digital culture and capabilities, and modernized core technology. She has been a core leader of our consumer work for eleven (11) years, helping small to mid-size retailers and consumer-facing companies capture opportunities afforded by new growth platforms, rethink consumer-engagement models, and improve organizational performance.

In her work with clients, Jennifer helps companies understand the full extent of technology disruption on business strategy and leads digital, data, and design transformations as industry dynamics evolve.


Throughout, she works with senior leadership teams to help them build the mindsets, capabilities, and grassroots understanding required to undergo such change successfully and sustainably.



Digital Frontier

Design (Product & Services)



"Seven Nursing Technologies Transforming Patient Care," Amaka Consulting, Feb. 2010

"How technology will change the future of healthcare?" Amaka Consulting, Nov 2019


Nairobi Institute Of Technology (N.I.T)

Masters of Architectural Technology

University of Nairobi

Bachelors, Animation & Digital Media Design

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