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Human Service: Care Management

Defining & Implementing a New Service Line

Amaka Consulting provides technical assistance to community organizations during new service definition, staff development, QA/QI planning, and compliance and workflow management. Amaka helps clients in defining the operating model and detailed process flows required to support the launch of new service lines.

Human Service: Care Management: Project




Care Management System for New Teen Mothers needed to handle the agency's clienteles and ways to coordinate the bureaucracies of victims services effectively


Effective victim-centered care management system that Organizing For Teen Moms Inc. (OTM) could utilized to admit/enroll and care for/follow up, and integrate new moms


Amaka Consulting's approach:

Following a detailed assessment of OTM's processes and its relationship with partnering community organizations and health centers, Amaka Consulting developed the "OTM Admission and Care Management System or "OACMS."

The OACMS did the following:

  • Brought together all of OTM systems. Under this strategy, the Intake Care Manager (ICM), Case Advocate (CA), Program Manager (PM) unite to coordinate assessment and develop the victim's plan of care.

  • OACMS helped streamline processes and paperwork and helped achieve one plan while ensuring reporting and recordkeeping are consistent.

  • Redesigned existing roles to cut down redundancies and created new streamlined titles that encompassed work roles needed.

  • Created an Intake Care Manager (ICM) role that takes all calls as well as incident reports through the hotline. The ICM then (a) documents initial contact with victim(s) via phone if possible, (b) conducts initial phone assessment and make to OTM's partner clinic/police and (c) assigns victim to a Case Advocate within 24 hrs of the call. Assignment referralsdone via email so as to keep a paper trail.

  • A Case Advocate (CA) that ensures that the client has the immediate care such as medical, police, and legal representation; and then coordinates with ICM on Case Planning Meeting regarding the client.

  • Program Manager (PM) that completes full assessments of the new client to determine care management needs and schedules the initial psychosocial and counseling sessions within 14 days of admission to OTM.

  • Program Manager determines care path whether its (a) DV Shelter (b) Safety Planning (c) Family Justice Center (d) Counseling.


Beatrice Mayers

Organizing for Teen Moms (OTM)

Bushrod Island, Monrovia,


Human Service: Care Management: List

Amaka successfully completed two projects at OTM. Below is the second project:

Human Service: Care Management: Text



Contract Management & Compliance to ensure that agency's contractual relationships, interests, and reputation with outside vendors are protected, secure, and implemented in line with sector oversight's regulations as well as the agreements binding the contracts.


Preparing, reviewing, securing, and managing service and business contracts, payment terms, negotiation patterns, workflow, and expected service levels for acquiring enterprise computer software (information technology IT for the new care management system);  vendor support services; fleet management, and external facility maintenance services; and ensuring relationships between Amaka's client and other parties are cordial, compliant, and risk mitigated.


  • Balanced public policy, sector regulations, internal policy, and contract agreement, and the interests of stakeholders.

  • Reviewed, drafted, revised and negotiated the various contracts

  • Monitored contracted contract performance and compliance, recommended improvements and innovations to oversight of contract process and ensured accuracy and timeliness of implementation.

  • Obtained requirements needed for various contract and prepared statistical analysis for Executive Team.

  • Communicated and managed workflow of installations and process rollout.

  • Received and prepared responses for contractual bids from vendors for the purchase of equipment, materials, products, and services.

  • Prepared metrics on operation and implementation of the enterprise software.


  • Ensured compliance with all existing contracts, and maintained SOP documentation related to duties and responsibilities within the operations and support teams.

Human Service: Care Management: List
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