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Entry Point Mapping

Community Organizing

Amaka Consulting conducts community organizing & entry point mapping (EPM) to provide a methodology for systematic review and identification of mechanisms, forums, and public platforms to enable participation in policy formulation, program implementation, and oversight.

Entry Point Mapping: Project



Community Organizing & Entry Point Mapping to provide a methodology for systematic review and identification of mechanisms, forums, and public platforms by which the client can participate in policy formulation, program
implementation, and oversight of the Domestic Violence Law Reform


The Haven Project Inc needed to identify forums and platform, systems and mechanism needed for robust community organizing capability in order to maintain its competitiveness, funding, and role in the national discourse around the Domestic Violence law reform campaign initiated by Liberia's Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection.


Following assessment and feasibility of the agency's existing organizing efforts and the overall atmosphere regarding the Domestic Violence issue, Amaka Consulting:

  • Encouraged the agency to take a stand on the issue and to communicate its position. Amaka then utilized results from the assessment to enable the agency to communicate the issues to a broader audience and to attract members of the community.

  • Conducted stakeholder Entry Point Mapping to collect an inventory of the different types of entry points (requirements and opportunities) at different levels of government and CSOs.

  • Developed institutionalized platforms through which to engage regularly on issues of the domestic violence policy formulation and victim service delivery.

  • The collaborative process of opening these entry points strengthened partnerships between The Haven officials and CSOs committed to fulfilling their national domestic violence law reform commitments.

  • Established the agency's communication with the National Legislature to seek lawmakers' official positions on the Domestic Violence Law.

  • Guided the agency in developing educational materials for community members and outreach mobilization, as well as building commitment through the community awareness process.

  • Helped The Haven Project Inc. leadership generate durable power as a community representative on the Domestic Violence Law Reform, thus  allowing  the agency to directly reach out and attempt to influence key decision-makers on the domestic violence law issue.

  • Utilizing proven grassroots organizing and coalition building strategies, Amaka enabled the agency to reach out to other organizations and community stakeholders to build momentum in the efforts to expose or pressure lawmakers picketing, boycotting, sit-ins, and petitioning.

The Haven Project, Inc. was able to organize and take part in the Domestic Violence Law Reform. Amaka's technical advisory also helped the agency to:

  • Build a broad-based group to bring effective governance to the communities on domestic violence services, and in a system that was open and accessible to community members.

  • Build organizational capability for employing strategies that broadly empower community members especially women and children victims of domestic violence. 


Christina Synue

Executive Director

The Haven Project Inc.

Mask Building 2nd Floor

New Georgia Junction, Somalia Dr 

+231.77-86-HAVEN (42836

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