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You are probably here because you want to set up a health care agency. Below are critial steps to think about when starting a medical or non-medical home care agency:


1. Take into consideration training and accreditation.
Training programs are usually not required with the exception of a few states but they are a great way to help you get your feet off the ground. Through these programs, you can learn how to schedule, bill clients, and market your business in the best possible light.​


2. Gather any licenses or permits.
This depends on what state you are trying to register in. Use our curated list below to help you with your search for what is required for each state.

3. Develop business operations that include any procedures and policies.
These include things like billing, authorizations, and service hours/rules. We recommend using a home care management software like Ankota to help you with all of your management needs. For a full list of Policies & Procedures and other operating documents, click here.

4. Market your business
Marketing is crucial to get your name out there and establish rapport in a particular area. Focus on this to ensure you can make the impact you desire in this industry!